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    Our pantographs are also used to create pieces with the most complicated geometries.

    Our Workings

From planning to realization

We taking care of every single aspect of the production cycle, from the design stage (co-design in collaboration with the customer is also possible)
to the production of both prototypes and large series.

Punctuality and speed

Our technical team guarantees to our customers certain deliveries in short times (4 - 5 working days) with the guarantee of the date of order fulfillment.

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Urgences in 1g work

A flexible and dynamic work that allows us to manage customer urgencies, including the processing of the work order in our production queue.

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Our CADs allow the creation of a 3D model on customer request, simulations of operation and creation of representative Boolean models.

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Realizations on drawing with thermoplastic material

Products based on customer’s drawing using every sort of thermoplastic and similar materials, such as PVC, PE, PP, nylon PA 6, Delrin, Teflon, bakelized canvas and vetronite; every sort of creation intended for the food, pharmaceutical, bottling and automotive sectors.

Our working method