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TMI Plastic & More
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We create products according to customers’ drawings, using every plastic material and the like by means of the most innovative CAD/CAM softwares, which allow us to implement 3D mathematical models along with planning the best strategies to process particular elements. This also allows us to optimise the realisation of products and to ensure the very best quality as compared to on-board machine programming.

Besides contouring particular elements from plates, our pantographs are also used to create pieces with the most complicated geometries, with a precision to one hundredth of a millimetre. Furthermore, thanks to a NESTING software with advanced protocols, it is possible to optimize the use of the whole plate with millimetre accuracy, thereby sharply reducing the costs.

Our machining centres, which are always programmed by our technical office, can deliver extremely complex prototypes. High speed milling allows to remove large quantities of material, thus reducing the costs of production.

The NC lathes, with C and Y axes, allow us to perform millings and radial drillings with a single placement. Always thanks to our programming softwares, we are able to generate polygons, create keyways and perform broachings on our milled parts.

Our Product Preparation Division, which is equipped with radial panel sizing centre, tapper, as well as traditional milling machines and lathes, allow us both to complete our processings and prepare the raw elements to be placed on the automated CNC machine.

TMI Plastic & More